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Kristopher Karklin engages with the sensibility of reality and fiction. Our ability to distinguish between actual and fictitious events that have occurred in our past, lends itself to the idea that we manipulate our memory. Where events experienced are tangible and definite, our memories of those events are ephemeral, and intangible, causing many details to be lost or gained in the translation. Through the use of photography, Karklin recreates a memory which, due to inconsistency and manipulation, alters the reflection of the experience and space being recreated. These alterations are noticeable in the artist’s works in many ways, for instance, a lack of detail or incorrect colors. Karklin’s utilization of photography then becomes much the opposite of its customary use, where it is traditionally used to objectively capture an exact moment or memory. Instead, he employs photography as a tool to create a moment or memory.

An integral component of Karklin’s work is his investigation into the relationship between the urban living space and its occupant; where the exchange that occurs is intimate and secure, it is also temporary and homogenous. This idea is manifested in his work where the spaces that he recreates are minimal to the point where there is almost nothing, except the occupant. Due to the sparseness of the environments, the viewer is drawn into the space, and interprets the piece in relation to their own past experiences.

The process of Karklin’s work is done through the meticulous sculpting of miniature models. These are labor-intensive handmade reflections of the narrative. The process of building the miniature models deals with the same problems one engages if they were painting or drawing; color, composition, relation of objects, perspective, and size. When the model is completed it is photographed. The last element of the process is spent photographing a human model. The human figure is then composited into the photo of the miniature setting, emphasizing the contrast between the figure and the space. Once finished, the situation is presented as a large-scale photograph.

The final product is intended to lure the viewer into a space that is readily accessible, so as to engage their own experiences. Karklin has presented them with a situation that is reflective of what we consider personal and private, our living space and memories.

CLICK HERE to view recent lecture featuring Karklin in conversation with artist/professor Mark Mullin.



2015 Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2015 Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Calgary, Alberta

2011 Camp Life, Skew Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2010 Routine Reconstruction, Skew Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2008 No Vacancy, 809 Exhibition Space, Calgary, Alberta

2007 Indirect Transit, Marion Nicole Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta

2006 Digital Prints, Print Resource Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta


2017 Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

2017 for the time being: 2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta (Curated by Peta Rake and Kristy Trinier)

2017 PAPIER17, VIVIANEART, Montreal, Quebec

2017 SCOPE New York 2017, VIVIANEART, New York, NY, USA

2016 SCOPE Miami Beach 2016, VIVIANEART, Miami, Florida, USA

2016 Launchpad, VIVIANEART, Calgary, Alberta

2016 SCOPE New York 2016, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, New York, NY, USA

2015 SCOPE Miami Beach 2015, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Miami, Florida, USA

2015 Art Toronto, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2014 PAPIER15, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Montreal, Quebec

2014 Art Toronto, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2013 The News From Here: The 2013 Alberta Biennial, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (Curated by Nancy Tousley)

2013 Made in Alberta Part I, Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

2013 Made in Alberta Part IV, Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta 

2012 PAPIER12 Contemporary Art Fair, Montreal, Quebec

2012 PMG Editions Project, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2011 STATE OF THE ART, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2010 Toronto International Artfair, presented by Skew Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2009 Exchange Exhibition of Prints by Young Artists in Japan & Calgary, Alberta

2009 University Hall, Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan

2006 Print Media, Snap Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

2005 ACAD Awards Show, Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Alberta, Untitled Silkscreen

2005 In or Out, Print Resource Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta, In or Out Series Prints

2004 Wet, A Student Gallery, Artrageous, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta, Storm Weather/Piece of Mind Installation with Video

2004 United Way: Spirits of the Gold Celebration, Calgary, Alberta, Untitled Mixed Media in collaboration with Michelle Laferriere

2003 Silent Auction, The Brenda Carr Studio Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, Untitled Collagraph



2012 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts award for Emerging Artists 

2007 Board of Governors Nomination, Alberta College of Art & Design 

2006 Jason Lang Scholarship, Alberta College of Art & Design

2005 Jason Lang Scholarship, Alberta College of Art & Design

2005 National In-Course Millennium Scholarship

2005 Printmaking Travel/Study Scholarship, Alberta College of Art & Design


Alberta Foundation For The Arts

Sir Elton John Collection

© KRISTOPHER KARKLIN. All rights reserved. 

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